I had bought the Canadian ETF (VCN) in 2016. However, I quickly became distracted and did not pursue it any further. During Spring of 2018, since this blog started, I began to invest in an orderly fashion with a group of broad based, low cost ETF’s. I am mirroring the portfolio of The Canadian Portfolio Manager- Justin Bender. I rave about Justin Bender and Dan Bortolotti since they have allowed me to engage in ETF investing as a DIY investor. Since I DIY almost everything…Continue Reading “Invest With An Excel Spreadsheet”

This is a fun blog post for me. I want to detail my best investment failures. And there were a few. Enjoy a good laugh on us. Cause here goes nothing. The whole point of writing this post is to show any later stage docs that you will get where you want even with a plethora of mistakes. Ours were not small mistakes. Most people would look at these numbers and freak out!! But I was always able to keep the simple controllable things correct….Continue Reading “Investment Failures”

Asset Class Safety Liquidity Return Tangible Equities X X Bonds/GIC X X Real Estate X X X Cash X X Gold/Silver X X X Ways To Reach FI There are mainly a few ways to reach FI: Traditional method of saving a large paper portfolio and living off the following. Safe withdrawal rate of 3-4% Dividend income Investment real estate with positive cash flow method Starting a business Most of us will use some combination of the three methods and a select few will have…Continue Reading “Asset Diversification”

I have certain thoughts about equities investing which may already be apparent. It is a necessary way for many of us to invest some, if not most, of our investable assets. There are only a few categories to invest. These include real estate, business and equities. Of the three options, paper portfolios of public equities are the simplest of all. Why Buy Equities? The number one reason is that they will keep pace with inflation without you having to do anything but hold the paper….Continue Reading “Notes On Equities”

Whenever people argue about which is the better investment, I do not really know what to say. But I can comment on my forays into two of my investments- one equities and the other investment real estate. We can be notoriously bad at predicting what will happen with our investments. Back in 2000, I bought 19 shares of Berkshire B stocks. The average price adjusting for stock splits was about 35-42/ share. Today Berkshire B’s are worth above 200/ share and have split into 950…Continue Reading “A Tale Of Two Investments”

Well that is a bit of a catchy title but it is ultimately what I want for my financial plan. And maybe even for my life. For instance, I really enjoy marrying a forever husband and I really love my forever children. I also love my forever home and I plan to not change our forever careers. I have even maintained the same hobbies since I was a child of running and reading books from the library. The library is still one of the few…Continue Reading “Forever Investment Plan”

For my family, this is one of the best options for buying real estate especially in expensive cities. I believe in buying “forever” properties so that I can minimize realtor fees and transaction costs. (A multiplex refers to small residential multi-units of 2-4 units) There are a few ways to attain financial independence. Paper route– Save regularly over a period of decades usually into investment accounts with 60% equities and 40% bonds. Eventually live on a 4% safe withdrawal rate. So much has been written…Continue Reading “Reasons To Buy A Multiplex”

With investing it pays to simplify. It also pays to have a system. I forgot that in 2017 while I was waiting for the stock market to correct. I have read enough about investing to realize that there is value in buy, hold and pray especially for younger investors. However, the law of numbers reminds me that a 50% draw down in the stock market translates into needing to achieve 100% return. Good luck with that one. This year I will start to use systems…Continue Reading “Invest With A System”