What Does Curate Your Life Mean?

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The skill that many of us will need to acquire over the coming years will be the ability to curate intentionally. I believe that one will need to do this regularly and likely forever as the blog name suggests.

But what does curating mean to me? I believe it involves idea development and refinement, researching, and decision making. This blog will chronicle my journey to further understand these concepts and how it will apply to my life as well as hopefully others. The world will likely become saturated with more and more of almost everything but it will be up to each of us to direct the complexity for ourselves.

So the premise of this site will be simple but the journey should take me into almost all areas of life as this concept touches upon many of them. It is this idea that I am excited about as the topics will be diverse and it will likely uncover more questions than it pretends to answer. And even if there is an answer for myself, it will likely be for a period of time until I or my life situation changes. That is why I truly believe that this will be a life long process and not a destination to be reached.

In the developed nations many of us have more than enough material comfort and wealth. There appears to be more people asking questions that do not have a clear answer but the questions still deserve a thoughtful and nuanced approach. That is the benefit of blogging. I do not profess to be an expert but will happily uncover topics and ideas to look “under the hood” of many assumptions that may not be working in our lives.

I believe a wonderful life can be attained by vetting out the dross rather than aspiring for all the baubles that corporations mesmerize the masses with. I have found that truth in my life and perhaps others may share my sentiment. Ultimately the plan would be to curate one’s life so that it is filled with most of the things that one holds dear. Thus it would be a life that one would not regularly require distraction from living.

Perhaps a good reason to curate one’s life would be to open up some time and energy so that one may begin a passion project. I understand that in the internet space, 1% of the participants create content while the other 99% consume web content. Spending one’s time on the 1% or the 20% of the Pareto principle also known as the 80/20 rule, will likely make one’s life more interesting and fulfilling. Whatever one would rather spend their energies on could be enhanced by this practice. So I hope to develop this skill by regularly committing myself to the practice and hopefully others will find this process useful as well. Life is too precious to continue reacting to all the information and the small part of ourselves that might feel the fear of missing out. That is reigning supreme in the US stock market rally we are currently experiencing. But that is for another post. Until next time. Happy curating!