I turn 50 this year. It is time to dial in my workout routine to take me into the next decade of my life. I will use this blog as a way to keep myself on point with my training schedule. Alas, this is my workout plan. I am a physician but I am not your physician. Thus check with your own doctor before embarking on a fitness regime. My Plan This is ever changing around the edges. But overall, I am planning on doing…Continue Reading “Simplify Fitness Routines”

Many friends and family have wondered openly if I have vast willpower to not succumb to the siren calls of consumerism. I often find that odd since I always feel that I shop more than I want to. The following are instances where I know it is not about willpower for myself. Buying Stuff I tend to be a rather lazy person. I would much prefer to laze around all day reading books than to run around taking care of things that I own. So…Continue Reading “It Is Not About Willpower”

The personal finance game is very simple. There are only two rules. Make a lot of money and save as much as you can. Invest that savings. That is all there is to it. For physicians, you are coming into your earning years later. But there is nothing to stop anyone from living like a student during medical training and continuing with this lifestyle for the first decade until you have your financial nut in place. No one does this perfectly. But if you could…Continue Reading “Personal Finance Is Simple”

I have certain thoughts about equities investing which may already be apparent. It is a necessary way for many of us to invest some, if not most, of our investable assets. There are only a few categories to invest. These include real estate, business and equities. Of the three options, paper portfolios of public equities are the simplest of all. Why Buy Equities? The number one reason is that they will keep pace with inflation without you having to do anything but hold the paper….Continue Reading “Notes On Equities”

To reach financial independence usually involves some limits on spending. Some people profess to buy their clothes from thrift stores and have the ability to buy everything as cheaply as possible. I believe we had a budget for a grand total of three months in an attempt to curb our dining out expenses. Our food expenses had ballooned beyond 15K a year at times. We live in a wonderful Canadian city which has a plethora of dining out options. We do not dine out at…Continue Reading “Sustainable Spending”

One attains better health by limiting their consumption of alcohol and junk food. It may prove true that limiting unhealthy financial behaviours probably has the same effect. The analogy may be conspicuous consumption and fueling credit card debt. Limit Entertainment Entertainment and distraction are useful to occasionally serve as a break from the workaday world. I tend to enjoy watching something humourous everyday on Netflix. I find the ability to have a good laugh beneficial to my mental health. Plus I really love comedies. That’s…Continue Reading “Limits Are Healthy”

Whenever people argue about which is the better investment, I do not really know what to say. But I can comment on my forays into two of my investments- one equities and the other investment real estate. We can be notoriously bad at predicting what will happen with our investments. Back in 2000, I bought 19 shares of Berkshire B stocks. The average price adjusting for stock splits was about 35-42/ share. Today Berkshire B’s are worth above 200/ share and have split into 950…Continue Reading “A Tale Of Two Investments”

I have been thinking lately of the financial steps I took early in my career. Many of these steps I took without really having any guidance. I have also witnessed many of my classmates fall prey to easy credit offered by their financial institutions. Thus I thought I would provide a bare bones checklist for new professionals. Medical School You are broke. Try not to put many things on credit. Many of my classmates had significant debt by the time we left medical school and…Continue Reading “New Doc Financial Checklist”

Well that is a bit of a catchy title but it is ultimately what I want for my financial plan. And maybe even for my life. For instance, I really enjoy marrying a forever husband and I really love my forever children. I also love my forever home and I plan to not change our forever careers. I have even maintained the same hobbies since I was a child of running and reading books from the library. The library is still one of the few…Continue Reading “Forever Investment Plan”

We live in a world of automation. It appears many people would prefer to deal with a machine rather than with other people. Quick examples include self checkouts at libraries, grocery stores, gas pumps and today it even included my car wash. I have to admit that I love automation. I have swooned about my Roomba for years. I also have a love affair with my dishwasher as well as my washing machine. I have never needed to hire anyone to clean my home since…Continue Reading “Automate My Life”