I turn 50 this year. It is time to dial in my workout routine to take me into the next decade of my life. I will use this blog as a way to keep myself on point with my training schedule. Alas, this is my workout plan. I am a physician but I am not your physician. Thus check with your own doctor before embarking on a fitness regime. My Plan This is ever changing around the edges. But overall, I am planning on doing…Continue Reading “Simplify Fitness Routines”

One attains better health by limiting their consumption of alcohol and junk food. It may prove true that limiting unhealthy financial behaviours probably has the same effect. The analogy may be conspicuous consumption and fueling credit card debt. Limit Entertainment Entertainment and distraction are useful to occasionally serve as a break from the workaday world. I tend to enjoy watching something humourous everyday on Netflix. I find the ability to have a good laugh beneficial to my mental health. Plus I really love comedies. That’s…Continue Reading “Limits Are Healthy”

We live in a world of automation. It appears many people would prefer to deal with a machine rather than with other people. Quick examples include self checkouts at libraries, grocery stores, gas pumps and today it even included my car wash. I have to admit that I love automation. I have swooned about my Roomba for years. I also have a love affair with my dishwasher as well as my washing machine. I have never needed to hire anyone to clean my home since…Continue Reading “Automate My Life”

This is my curated minimalist packing list. I love packing lists since like a shopping list it keeps one in check. But the best part of a packing list is that it seems to get better after each trip. The goal is to strive for traveling light with one small bag. The Bag(s) Any backpack between 16L – 20L- I use the Fjallraven 16L backpack Baggu- for shopping, I keep one with me everyday Collapsible backpack- 20L Sea-to-Summit Drawstring bag- I use this to keep…Continue Reading “Minimalist Packing List For Women”

Start by making a list of things that you love. The people and activities that you want to have in your life on a regular basis. This will form the backbone of a life plan. I think this will be a very important exercise as this life plan will require daily practice on a mental as well as a practical level.
There are a plethora of websites that have begun with the premise of FIRE. This stands for financially independent retire early. They all begin with…Continue Reading “Do What You Love Everyday”

I strive to simplify my life. Here are five ideas that I currently use. Eat The Same Meals Regularly People tend to forget how much time food takes in ones’ life. The planning, shopping, prepping, cooking and clean up. I used to watch my mother prepare meals for hours only to have them eaten in 10 minutes. It is a multi prong activity. Some people really enjoy it. I am not one of those. Several years ago I made a general outline of meals that…Continue Reading “5 Ways To Simplify My Life”

The skill that many of us will need to acquire over the coming years will be the ability to curate intentionally. I believe that one will need to do this regularly and likely forever as the blog name suggests. But what does curating mean to me? I believe it involves idea development and refinement, researching, and decision making. This blog will chronicle my journey to further understand these concepts and how it will apply to my life as well as hopefully others. The world will…Continue Reading “What Does Curate Your Life Mean?”

The benefits of routines are plentiful. It may appear boring to have routines but in the end I argue that it might just make your life more fulfilling. For starters you will not be wasting brain power worrying if you have left something undone. It is that mental bandwidth that is more draining than taking care of a large project. Similar to stress. It is the ongoing subthreshold onslaughts that take its toll on ones energy level. There is evidence that the ability to cope…Continue Reading “Benefits of Routine”