Assets 2018Q1 2017Q4 Change % Change Notes RE 1- Home 3,030,000 3,137,000 -107,000 -3.4% 1 RE 2 852,450 853,550 -1,100 -0.1% 1 RE 3- Office 448,000 423,000 25,000 5.9% 2 Corporate Acct 3,653,578 3,501,899 151,679, 4.3% RRSP 516,799 515,536 1263 0.2% TFSA 120,101 109,101 11000 10.1% Personal Acct 233,156 232,069 1087 0.5% Commodities 45,800 44,170 1630 3.7% Networth 8,899,884 8,816,325 83,559 0.9% Asset Allocation % Networth % AUM % Notes Equities 3.4 6.0 3 Fixed income/ Cash 47.8 84.3 4 RE 48.3 8.8 5 Commodities…Continue Reading “2018Q1 Networth”

My own investing experience has helped me realize that it is simpler to pick one strategy and stay with it. That may work for certain things with investing but there are other areas where that does not even begin to address the issues. Black and white thinking is simple but I would argue that it is certainly not easier for some things. Early Retirement There are a plethora of websites proposing early retirement. That may work for those who have clear reasons to stop their…Continue Reading “Binary Living”

This is a fun blog post for me. I want to detail my best investment failures. And there were a few. Enjoy a good laugh on us. Cause here goes nothing. The whole point of writing this post is to show any later stage docs that you will get where you want even with a plethora of mistakes. Ours were not small mistakes. Most people would look at these numbers and freak out!! But I was always able to keep the simple controllable things correct….Continue Reading “Investment Failures”

2017 Living Expenses Category 2017 % of Total Notes Property Tax 9707 Home Insurance 1791 Electricity 699 Heat 1070 Home- Total 13267 28.1 House paid off Auto Insurance 1843 Fuel/ Bus 2423 Maintenance 576 Parking 296 Auto- Total 5138 10.9 Car paid off Food & Entertainment 13143 27.8 This is embarrassingly large but it is highly enjoyed. Clothes 2907 Haircuts 360 Gifts 3000 Kids’ Activities 1382 Health & Dental 3400 Pet 1828 Cellular 1747 Internet 1075 Total 47247 66.8% For the big three These were…Continue Reading “2017 Expense Report”

Asset Class Safety Liquidity Return Tangible Equities X X Bonds/GIC X X Real Estate X X X Cash X X Gold/Silver X X X Ways To Reach FI There are mainly a few ways to reach FI: Traditional method of saving a large paper portfolio and living off the following. Safe withdrawal rate of 3-4% Dividend income Investment real estate with positive cash flow method Starting a business Most of us will use some combination of the three methods and a select few will have…Continue Reading “Asset Diversification”

I turn 50 this year. It is time to dial in my workout routine to take me into the next decade of my life. I will use this blog as a way to keep myself on point with my training schedule. Alas, this is my workout plan. I am a physician but I am not your physician. Thus check with your own doctor before embarking on a fitness regime. My Plan This is ever changing around the edges. But overall, I am planning on doing…Continue Reading “Simplify Fitness Routines”

Many friends and family have wondered openly if I have vast willpower to not succumb to the siren calls of consumerism. I often find that odd since I always feel that I shop more than I want to. The following are instances where I know it is not about willpower for myself. Buying Stuff I tend to be a rather lazy person. I would much prefer to laze around all day reading books than to run around taking care of things that I own. So…Continue Reading “It Is Not About Willpower”

The personal finance game is very simple. There are only two rules. Make a lot of money and save as much as you can. Invest that savings. That is all there is to it. For physicians, you are coming into your earning years later. But there is nothing to stop anyone from living like a student during medical training and continuing with this lifestyle for the first decade until you have your financial nut in place. No one does this perfectly. But if you could…Continue Reading “Personal Finance Is Simple”

I have certain thoughts about equities investing which may already be apparent. It is a necessary way for many of us to invest some, if not most, of our investable assets. There are only a few categories to invest. These include real estate, business and equities. Of the three options, paper portfolios of public equities are the simplest of all. Why Buy Equities? The number one reason is that they will keep pace with inflation without you having to do anything but hold the paper….Continue Reading “Notes On Equities”