With investing it pays to simplify. It also pays to have a system. I forgot that in 2017 while I was waiting for the stock market to correct. I have read enough about investing to realize that there is value in buy, hold and pray especially for younger investors. However, the law of numbers reminds me that a 50% draw down in the stock market translates into needing to achieve 100% return. Good luck with that one. This year I will start to use systems…Continue Reading “Invest With A System”

The skill that many of us will need to acquire over the coming years will be the ability to curate intentionally. I believe that one will need to do this regularly and likely forever as the blog name suggests. But what does curating mean to me? I believe it involves idea development and refinement, researching, and decision making. This blog will chronicle my journey to further understand these concepts and how it will apply to my life as well as hopefully others. The world will…Continue Reading “What Does Curate Your Life Mean?”

The benefits of routines are plentiful. It may appear boring to have routines but in the end I argue that it might just make your life more fulfilling. For starters you will not be wasting brain power worrying if you have left something undone. It is that mental bandwidth that is more draining than taking care of a large project. Similar to stress. It is the ongoing subthreshold onslaughts that take its toll on ones energy level. There is evidence that the ability to cope…Continue Reading “Benefits of Routine”

There is an inherent error in our thinking that one needs to be an expert or learn a lot about something before they can get started. That is likely what stops most people dead in their tracks after they get the inspiration. An essential part of curating is to think about what it is that you want and then start doing anything simple and low risk to begin the journey. This blog will be a step in that direction for myself. Thankfully blogging does not…Continue Reading “Just Do It”

This is the first of many blogposts which will focus on money and life in general. Money permeates almost all that we do so it is the great unifier. There are plenty of blogs on the web so why write another one? I am writing mainly as a way to work out some of my thoughts about money and to review some of the strategies that are floating around already. This is probably cheaper than therapy for many people so come along for the ride.